Welcome to Eco Light Towers, the most powerful light tower on the market today.

Using renewable cost effective energy sources like the sun just makes good sense. – Eco Light Tower founder, John Keen

Eco Light Towers is a US company that manufactures rugged industrial solar LED mobile light towers that are used all over the world.

Our towers are designed to outperform every other solar light tower on the market today.

They are built on steel frames manufactured to endure harsh environments such as rentals and mining applications. These towers provide the highest intensity white lighting in the industry. The solid state LED lights are reliable and will provide light up to five times longer then metal halide lights.

Solar Light Towers are a renewable environmentally friendly solution for providing remote lighting at an operating cost advantage over traditional light towers. Diesel and gas powered light towers create pollution (air and noise), are expensive to maintain, and have a much higher operating cost then solar powered mobile light towers.